Extra Snyper X Rubber Weight System

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Quick Overview

Need additional weights for your Snyper X Stabilizer? Our external weighted metal concealed with neoprene rubber designed to absorb energy, vibration and isolation. Our new featured advanced selection of modular weight system comes in three different ounces ¾ , 1 and 3 oz. Please check off the additional products below. Price may vary according to weight selected.

Stainless Steal weighted system

 Polished Dome shape

    • Weight avaible 

      •  1 1/2 oz 

      • 3 1/2oz 

  •  Polished Cylinder with rubber pyrimid rings

    • Weight avaible

      • 1 1/2 oz 

      • 3 1/2oz 

Aluminum Cylinder Weight system

  • Polished Cylinder with rubber pyrimid rings

    • 1/2 oz 

    • 1 1/2oz