Graviloc 3-D with Wrist sling

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Quick Overview

The 3-D Gravoiloc 10* Down Angle Quick Connector is the most advanced stabilization system which allows the archer to attach or remove the stabilizer from the bow . With our 10* Down angle the archer is able to use natural aid of gravity to gain superior stability and performance. Also, the newly designed Wrist Sling helps the archer hold on to the bow in case it happens to slip out of your hands before or after a shot.

Includes: 3-D Graviloc, 1 Cylinder Pin, 1 Rope. Model Type: 10* Down Angle Quick Connector Disconnects from: Top.

Rope Color: we carry an assortment of colors. Please select your desired color below.

Additional Rope is sold separately refer to item AEP - 1112