Snyper X~II Advanced

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Quick Overview

Introducing a new line of Snyper Stabilizers! Engineered with a crossway vibration dampener system concealed with a loose impermanent weight system enclosed by neoprene rubber designed to absorb energy, vibration and isolation. Our new featured product has 3/4” diameter carbon equipped with a advanced selection of modular weight system of ¾ , 1 and 3 oz. A rubber grip system allowing also effortless assembling on and off the bow. Available sizes are: 18”, 24”, 30”, 36”. Also available counter balance: 6”, 9”, 10.5”, 12”, 15”. Available dampener system in brass (400 grain) and aluminum (160 grain). There has never been nothing like it ever!

(Vibration system are interchangeable with Mathew Harmonic Dampener.)